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Meet Our Team

Simply Green Distributors Inc. leads North Americans to sustainable green energy solutions. We specialize in using innovative Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for diesel engines that help reduce emissions while delivering significant fuel savings to operators.


Our mission is to provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions that leverage hydro energy as their primary power source.

James Pearce
President and CEO


James Pearce has worked in the oil and gas/construction industry for the past twenty-two years. He is the CEO and President of Simply Green Distributors (SGD). As a company, SGD is committed to accelerating the world’s growth in moving to sustainable energy. Working with today’s leading manufacturers and innovators, SGD provides solutions to their clients to help them reach a net-zero carbon footprint. Through his in-depth knowledge and experience of the oil and gas/construction industries, James has worked hard to provide a platform for inspiring innovation and has a passion for reducing emissions, fuel and power consumption across Canada. He currently resides with his family in Red Deer, Alberta.

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