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  • What applications is the HydraGEN™ Technology compatible with?
    The HydraGEN™ Technology was created for use in diesel engines on trucks ranging from Class 2 to 8, refrigeration units, power generators, marine vessels, construction equipment, mining and forestry equipment and rail locomotives.
  • Will use of this system void any manufacturer warranties?
    No warranties are voided through the proper installation and use of the HydraGEN™ Technology. Engine manufacturers are in fact embracing the technology. We also provide a 100% engine repair and 100% loss of use revenue guarantee if your engine is down due to a HydraGEN™ unit malfunction.
  • Are engine modifications required when installing the HydraGEN™?
    There are no engine modifications required when installing a HydraGEN™ unit
  • How many miles must be driven to recover the cost of the unit?
    Accumulated fuel savings, DPF and DEF savings equate to a ROI of about 8-12 months, or roughly 200,000-250,000 miles, at 6% fuel savings.
  • Will the HydraGEN™ improve fuel economy and by how much?
    The HydraGEN™ will improve a vehicle’s fuel economy. Results will vary but generally the fuel savings will be between 6 and 20%.
  • How can you see how much fuel savings you are actually getting?
    Clients are getting real life 10-20% savings, some are getting more, some are getting less, it depends on the driving habits of the driver, trailer load limits, driving terrain and environmental conditions. We have an optional fuel tracker available in Q1-2019.
  • Will the HydraGEN™ help reduce emissions (and help pass emissions tests)?
  • How often is service/maintenance required?
    Regular maintenance includes refilling the unit with distilled water approximately every 5,000 km, or 50 hours of operation.
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